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SL4 Xenon

Most lights small enough to fit in your BC pocket lack a powerful beam. That’s why UK designed the SL4 Xenon, a secondary light with the extensive reach of a bright beam that is still small enough to take anywhere. The xenon bulb also offers improved color clarity.


  • 5.5 watt high pressure xenon filled lamp

  • Precision machined aluminum reflector gives bright, narrow beam for sighting distant objects

  • Fits neatly in BC pocket, ready to use

  • Works well as a photo spotting light or to illuminate gauges and tables

  • Molded rubber bezel cover reduces glare and protects light

  • Thumb or index finger activated rotary switch permits single hand operation

  • Tough, non-conductive ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction will not corrode, dent or freeze to skin in cold weather.

  • Rubber sleeve lanyard included

sl4-xenon-safety-blackUnderwater Kinetics designs and manufactures flashlights, waterproof cases, and other accessories for the utility, industrial, fire, first response, government, and dive and sport industries’ most demanding applications.

Source: SL4 Xenon Light » Underwater Kinetics

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