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                              X-Vision Mid – Masks – Mares.                                                                                             I3 Sunrise – Masks – Mares.

Blue                                    sunrise blue

X-Vision Mid                                                                                 I3 Sunrise

The most popular mask in the world                                                                                 An unparalled field of vision
   • State of the art design                                                                                                       • Tri-comfort skirt
   • Optical lens option                                                                                                               • X-Shaped strap
   • Mid-size available                                                                                                                  • Quick-adjusting buckles
The success of this scuba mask derives from meticulous computer                     The i3 scuba mask combines the advantages of the Tri-comfort technology
design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes                   with a huge field of vision. In addition to the wide central glass, smaller
and the optimally angled windows provides the widest possible                          panels on each side guarantee peripheral vision that will blow you away.
viewing angle in every direction.  Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles               The ergonomic 2-button buckles allow for easy and secure adjustment of
are positioned directly on the skirt.                                                                                the strap even when diving with thick gloves. 


Opera Mask Yellow                                     

 Opera                                                                                                  Samuari

Simply and sturdy                                                                                                                       The Samurai’s qualities have made this mask one of the world’s best
   • Traditional design                                                                                                                  sellers, as well as one of the most frequently copied, though never
   • Durable for travel                                                                                                                    equaled. It offers incredibly small internal volume, a complete lack
   • Light weight                                                                                                                             of dead space, very light weight, and a new hypoallergenic antiglare
An expression of Mares tradition, with its rugged, durable construction                 silicone skirt. The wide field of vision, thanks to the close placement
making this a good travel companion. Symmetrical lenses simplify the                    of the lenses to the face, joins comfort and low internal volume to
option to customize the mask with corrective lenses, which aree                               make the Samurai an unbeatable tool for spearfishermen and
available in a complete range from -1 to 7 diopters.                                                         freedivers who love to dive deep.


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