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The first known inhabitants on Culebra were pre-Taino Indian (ca. 500 A.D.),In 1493 Christopher Columbus, became the first European  to touch the Islands of  Culebra, Puerto Rico, consisting of a chain of 23 islands. The Culebra Archipelago is a group of numerous islands and cays, located in the Caribbean Sea, part of the collective island group of the Caribbean region known as the West Indies, part of the Antilles Islands.  Today Culebra remains a destination of enjoying snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing in a setting very much unchanged since its discovery.

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Snorkeling is also known as free-diving: Strap on a mask, snorkel, and fins you’ll be ready to quite literally pass through the looking-glass into another world. The warm waters of Culebra embraces your body and frees you from gravity, allowing you to fly among the parrots, butterflies, angels, damsels, and, turtles then dance with the hamlets and scarlet ladies, and bow to the barracuda and dolphin.

The tropical sea covers an unrestricted collection of life. And one of our greatest attractions is that you can wade into the water off any point of land and find yourself immersed in a universe of outrageous color and interesting characters. Of course it’s always better off a picture perfect gorgeous beach … or one with nothing but solitude and sand.

And whether you’re just looking for a calm swim with friendly fish or a synchronized float with your significant other, we will help you found your perfect Caribbean beach. A day of snorkeling or diving on Culebra that focuses first on safely reaching the best waters for the conditions in the Culebra area, will ensure splashing among thickets of Elkhorn, Staghorn, and Pillar coral, while poking into shallow caves and overhangs that dance with tropical fish of every color and persuasion.

The clear blue skies highlights Culebra’s bleach-white beaches, transparent turquoise water and luxuriant reefs, all of which are among the very best in the Caribbean. Flamenco Beach, on the north side, is the best stretch of sand on the island, which boasts some 2 miles of sink-to-your-ankles, soft-coral-sand beach.  Not to take away from the other snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddle boarding sites Culebra can offer (over 20) with proper directions are just a short walk, hike, or drive.

The west end of Culebra is protected from the Caribbean’s north eastern swells and has a shoreline reef system that opens to sandy encased shallow lagoons,  The shoreline reef system extends out from the beach to honeycombed depths of 10-60ft thick then drop off to sandy flats simply keeping the sea life close which is perfect for snorkeling. Just under the surface, hemostat-jawed needlefish, yellow tail snapper, spanish grunts, and various grouper stalk silvery blankets of minnows while cobalt clouds of blue tang swarm over boulders of brain coral, leisurely picking at tufts of algae. Fish, lobsters, stingrays, turtles, ells, and crabs fill every nook and cranny of the reef.

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Isla de Culebra  [kuleβɾa]  –  the main island

Cayo Alcarraza                                                                    Cayo Raton                                                     Isla Culebrita

                                  Cayo Ballena                                                                         Cayo Pela                                           Piedra del Norte (part of Culebrita)

        Cayo Botella                                                                   Cayo Sombrerito                                                   Cayo Lobito

     Cayo del Agua                                                                    Cayo Tiburon                                                      Las Hermanas

               Cayo de Luis Peña                                                                      Cayo Verde                                      Roca Culumna (part of Cayo Lobito)

    Cayo Lobo                                                                               Cayo Yerba                                                         Cayo Botijuela

Cayo Matojo                                                                             Cayo Atuna                                                            Los Gemelos

 Cayo Norte                                                                             El Ancon                                                             Roca Lavador

Cayo Pirata                                                                            El Mono                                                                Roca Speck

Cayos Geniqui                                                                       Cayo Pelaita                                                        Piedra Stevens

Culebra Snorkeling


Isla Culebra  includes the Main Island and over 25 smaller cayos  just off the coast of Puerto Rico and located around 17.5 miles east of mainland, 16 miles west of St. Thomas & 6 miles north of Vieques.  Culebra, characterized by an irregular topography resulting in a long intricate shoreline filled with isolated sandy coves and virgin white beaches some a short stroll with others that are not so easily accessible, yet all guaranteed to delight the escapist in you with pristine aquamarine waters. Many areas are nesting sites for sea turtles, and offer excellent snorkeling just offshore, where the water is rife with unspoiled coral reefs and marine life. The coast has cliff, sandy, coral, and rock beaches that are framed beautifully by arid tree-covered hills.  Sea grape fields, or Mangrove forests. The highest point on Culebra is Mt. Reseca 650 ft.  (198 m) and 80% of the island’s area is volcanic rock from the Cretaceous period. Facing east is Culebra’s largest harbor named Ensenada Honda.

The vast number of sandy beaches most of which open to a crescent-shaped bays edged by sea grapes, palm trees, and hills that make up a part-like forest  reminiscent of Puerto Rico’s main island northern coast line including jaguey trees with their impressive stilt roots. The abundant amount of boulders support orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums and the endemic Peperomia wheeleri; the thorn thickets, palm forest types and cactus scrub associations support diverse bird and reptile species.

Culebra’s 25+ island structure contains areas that are enveloped by a barrier coral reef system which protect many of the crystal-clear crescent-shaped lagoons from the often rougher Atlantic northern waters. Some of these bays have vast amount of long sandbars which means shallow water stretches a long way offshore. There’s more of a surf to the northern areas, which is a popular spot for surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing. The waves are well-formed but never too big, which makes it a perfect spot to learn to surf. Other northern beaches offer the more seasoned boarder challenges in world-class portions.


Beach Listing of Culebra

Playa Flamenco Beach   often ranked in the top 10 most exotic beaches in the world

Playa Basura

Playa Carlos Rosario [ Beach ]…Playa de Cascajo [ Beach ]

Playa Brava [ Beach ]…………..…..Playa Las Vacas [ Beach ]

Playa Larga [ Beach ]…………..…..Playa Pueblo Español

Playa Punta Soldado [ Beach ]…Playa Resaca [ Beach ]

Playa Tamarindo [ Beach ]…..……Playa Tortuga [ Beach ]

Playa Zoni [ Beach ]…………….……Playa Melones [ Beach ]

                                                                                                                  diving_flag_animated 2scubaAnimated


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