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Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is one of the easiest, safest and most pleasant ways to explore the underwater world. Snorkel equipment is quite simple and you only need three essential pieces of gear: a mask, a snorkel, and a set of fins. The right equipment with the right fit will make your experience an event to remember.

Underwater Cameras make Snorkeling more enjoyable

Besides the essentials, there are a lot of snorkeling gear that can make your snorkel trip more fun, interesting, and comfortable. The best way to make your Culebra snorkeling trip more fun and interesting while viewing schools of tropical fish, living coral heads, sea sponges and more is to invest in an underwater camera. Take pictures of your snorkel buddies to show off at the office when you get back. Test out your artistic side by capturing photos of the beautiful sealife you encounter. And of course, let someone else get a few shots of you on your snorkel adventure.  When you return, you will be able to visit your Culebra snorkeling memories any time by pulling out these photos.

Snorkeling Exposure Protection / Skin Cover

Water absorbs heat about 800 times faster than air does, so you cool rapidly in water. Also, the snorkeling environment sometimes has a potential for scrapes, stings and burns. Exposure suits help you retain heat and provide protection against incidental skin injuries and sunburn.  Aside from re-appling sunblock with the right SPF level, wearing a rash guard for protection against bumping accidentally into the reef will help cover their skin as much as possible and increasing their comfort level while seeing the wonderful scenes under the ocean.

Get The Right Snorkeling Gear

Regardless of the type of mask such as the goggle style, oval, or panoramic; what is more important is that the mask fits your face perfectly. How to determine this? Hold the mask in front of your face and inhale a bit of air through the nose. When the mask seals against your face, that is the indication that it fits. When you feel it’s holding on to the face, remove your hand from it. When you feel that air hasn’t penetrated the mask, you can be sure that it will not be leaked with water too.

While most snorkeling locations around the world offer snorkeling gear rentals, it would far more advisable to have your own. The main reason behind this is for consistent comfort purposes – you’ll be more confident using equipment you’ve invested in and properly took care of.  This will ensure that you will be able to clearly see fish and coral in their natural habitat. The first step to a successful snorkeling experience therefore, is to buy or rent the right kind of mask, snorkel, and fins for your needs.


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