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Culebra Tides 10 May 2020

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Biodegradable Ocean and Coral Reef Safe Sunscreens

Biodegradable Ocean and Coral Reef Safe Sunscreens

The Concern: Certain ingredients in sunscreens are toxic to corals and reef fishes. Studies have shown that sunscreens worn by swimmers, divers, snorkelers, fishermen and general “aquaholics” contributed to the decline of coral reefs. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen washes off into our coral reefs every year and accelerates the process of coral reefs bleaching, as well being toxic to certain reef fish species.

Common sunscreen ingredients, such as Benzophenone-3, also know as Oxybenzone, can bleach coral and damage coral reefs. Cylcopentasiloxane/Cyclomethicone are silicone-based ingredients, used in skin and hair care products, have also been shown to be toxic and to bio-accumulate in aquatic organisms. They are also suspected to be reproductive toxins and endocrine disruptors. Learn more >

Snorkeling in Culebra with a 2.5 wetsuit

The 411 on Wetsuit Information

The HEAD Wave 2.5 Men’s and Women’s Shorty Wetsuit is perfect for any water activity, designed to sta817QwWHbmRL._SY450_y durable and flattering day in and day out.


Short cut suit for all kinds of watersports activities. An extremly durable and comfortable suit, with long arms and long legs. Perfect for those who are looking for a suit for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, paddling, canyoning and other awesome watersports.
A basic and functional wetsuit in 2.5mm nylon-covered neoprene which provides good flexibility and excellent
durability. Low neck profile for comfort. Standard rear-facing zipper.
Available in both women’s and men’s models.  Nylon covered neoprene, both inside and outside, makes the suit very durable.


  • Nylon / Neoprene

  • Flat-lock stitched seams.

  • Thickness: 2.5mm.

  • Short sleeves and legs.

  • YKK rear zipper with leash.

  • High-stretch.

  • 1-year limited warranty


Seals Seals at the neck, wrists and ankles keep water from entering the wetsuit. Rolled smooth-skin seals do the best job, but standard smooth-skin seals are also effective, followed by O-ring seals. Many suits use nylon cuffs in place of seals, which are comfortable but don’t block water intrusion.

Seams Glued and blind stitched seams eliminate water seepage because the needle doesn’t go through the fabric. Flat-seam or flat-lock stitching is softer against the skin but allows water in, making it better suited for warm-water suits.


Materials Modern high-stretch neoprene increases comfort and flexibility. Traditional neoprene is stiffer but resists compression better. Many suits use both types: compression-resistant neoprene for its thermal advantages, and strategically placed, anatomically shaped high-stretch panels to address the flexibility issue.

Zippers A high-quality zipper backed by a smooth-skin sealing system creates a water-blocking barrier that can’t be beat. Some suits employ zippers with overlapping teeth designed to reduce water seepage even further

Snorkeling Wetsuit    –    all sizes available

​Reef Shorty        2.5mm      Warm Water         Snorkeling Wetsuit

  • Quality and nice finish
  • Cool, stylish, lightweight and excellent for warm water dives and long snorkeling sessions
  • High level of finish on all details including neck custom closure and back zip puller
  • Smooth skin front panel making the shorty suitable for surfing and water skiing

SL4 Xenon Light » Underwater Kinetics


SL4 Xenon

Most lights small enough to fit in your BC pocket lack a powerful beam. That’s why UK designed the SL4 Xenon, a secondary light with the extensive reach of a bright beam that is still small enough to take anywhere. The xenon bulb also offers improved color clarity.


  • 5.5 watt high pressure xenon filled lamp

  • Precision machined aluminum reflector gives bright, narrow beam for sighting distant objects

  • Fits neatly in BC pocket, ready to use

  • Works well as a photo spotting light or to illuminate gauges and tables

  • Molded rubber bezel cover reduces glare and protects light

  • Thumb or index finger activated rotary switch permits single hand operation

  • Tough, non-conductive ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction will not corrode, dent or freeze to skin in cold weather.

  • Rubber sleeve lanyard included

sl4-xenon-safety-blackUnderwater Kinetics designs and manufactures flashlights, waterproof cases, and other accessories for the utility, industrial, fire, first response, government, and dive and sport industries’ most demanding applications.

Source: SL4 Xenon Light » Underwater Kinetics

C4 eLED L2 Rechargeable » Underwater Kinetics


The C4 eLED L2 is a major new update to one of the world’s favorite dive lights. Boasting a significant increase in lumen output, and all the good stuff you loved about the classic original C4, you’ll love the L2 for any type of diving.

C4 eLED L2 is a versatile and durable primary dive light that produces a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact package.

Boasting a huge increase in beam output from the L1 model, the C4 eLED (L2) produces 575 lumens on high, or 200 lumens on low with a maximum runtime of 19 hours.

Dual power setting provides flexibility to produce the correct amount of light for any diving situation.

Available with standard alkaline C-cell batteries at a maximum of 575 lumens, or upgrade to the rechargeable pack that produces 1000 lumens.

Please note that previous versions of this light (C4 eLED L1) are not compatible with the new NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack & Charger. The new pack is specifically designed to only work with the new C4 eLED (L2) for maximum lumen output, and cannot be used with the old lights.


  • Alkaline performance – 575 lumens on high, 200 lumens on low

  • Run time : Alkaline :  5 hours on high, 200 lumens on low

  • Ergonomic pistol grip for a comfortable hold

  • Will not corrode – Tough composite body, HYDRALUM, and engineering polymer components will hold up for 20 years in seawater

  • Dual power – locking switch toggles between high and low power

  • Safety switch – light will not turn on accidentally underwater

  • Alkaline or rechargeable – Available for 4 C-cells, or a long-life rechargeable battery that will last 10 years with proper care

  • New bezel – tough rubber bezel protects against impact

  • High intensity twin LED module with proprietary convective cooling element

  • Unique optical design unites two high intensity LEDs into one beam with twice the intensity

  • Light from LED is close to sunlight in color and travels farther in water for maximum visibility

  • Proudly made in the USA


Source: C4 eLED L2 Rechargeable » Underwater Kinetics

Great Camera Rental Starting at $40.00 / day


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Rental Special

$40.00 /day Nova HD w/3 day Snorkel Gear Rental


$45.00 /day Nova HD w/2 day Snorkel Gear Reatalintova-camera-17INT_NovaHD_1

Product Description

Key features include:

  • Video Camera Resolution: 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps
  • Photo Resolution:12MP, 8MP, 5MP and 3MP
  • Rugged, durable, and waterproof to 330 feet; HD video resolution to 1080P@30fps and photo resolution to 12MP
  • Easy to use Intova operating system
  • 2.4G 2-way water resistant remote control lets users snap photos and start and stop video recording remotely. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Wireless transmission will not work underwater.  Wireless remote is for surface use only.
  • Camera floats
  • 1.5″ LCD screen acts as both a viewfinder and playback monitor; rechargeable Li-ion battery with 3-hour battery life with LCD off and 2-hours with LCD on
  • 140-degree, point-of-view wide-angle lens; 4x digital zoom
  • Uses same filters and lenses as EDGE X and CONNEX
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery 1450mAh
  • Micro USB charger/download port
  • Diving Mode (electronic red filter)
  • Motion Detection Mode
  • Time Lapse mode
  • Self-capture mode
  • Burst Mode: 3, 5, 10 photos
  • Video Rotation Mode (rotate video 180° when camera is mounted upside down)
  • Manual White Balance
  • Picture in Video (take photo at same time as video recording by pressing OK button)
  • Video recording LED indicator- blinking blue light
  • Audible record alert
  • Camera floats
  • High Definition TV output
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Video format: MP4 / Photo format: JPEG
  • Supports Micro SD Card up to 32GB with class 10 required for HD video recording (not included)
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